This little blog category "Art and Interior" will try and offer some inspiration about how to live with photography.

One of the nice aspects of being a photographer is, that sometimes the framed work returnes back to me after an exhibition. As much as I am happy that my art finds its way to the homes of other people, I love to have my work around my house too. Just now this platinum print from my HORSES series came back to me and I thought it would be a pity to hide it in the storage room.

Often people tell me that they love a particular image but don't think that they have the space for it. I have lived in all kinds of spaces - big and tiny and I never thought that a room can be too small for larger formats. I always loved that the glass of the framed work reflects a lot of light and makes the room look bigger than it actually is.

SILKE LAUFFS Trakehner mare #2, Germany 2015

This kitchen for example is quite small. The framed picture measures 94x118cm (37"x46,5") but it fits beautifully. It is a strong statement and lightens the kitchen at the same time. I have to wipe it a little more often but I don't mind that much. This is a good example of how an oversized piece of art can look wonderful in a small room.

Unfortunately next week I have to part with it again. It will go in a show here in Berlin so chances are it will not return to me a second time. I will probably have to find something else for the spot to make me happy when I walk in. Some people might not think of the kitchen as a place to display art but if you spent a lot of time in a room - why not make it look cosy and pretty, right?

So I hope, you got inspired to play around a little with your own artwork! Stay tuned for more ..

x Silke